Who we are

Bifglobal was founded in 2007 and acquired GSA in 2011. Since that time till now, we have successfully maintained the license. Our main clients are US Army camps in Korea and Japan, including some other nations around the world providing the quality products.

Bifglobal's core product items include Office, Housing, Dormitory furniture, and Workbench.

From writing quotations to installing the products, we offer the highest quality products with the same level of services, based on the knowledge accumulated for over 10 years of work in this field.

Bifglobal will do our best to meet your high expectation and to come up with the best solution for the project with honesty and kindness.

How we work

1# Quotation Requests

Our Quotation Services starts from understanding the need from the customer. To meet the expectation, we conduct in-depth market research and provide the best quality products with reasonable price. We welcome any inquiries or requests for our works and we promise to provide adequate information in a quick and timely manner.

2# Site Visit

After confirming the contract, we visit the project site to match the quoted requests and physical circumstances. From checking the width and height of the designated places to figuring out the efficient route to install the products, we try to provide the best products with the highest level of services, accumulated by the many years of work experience in this field.

3# Layout Drawing

We use 3D CAD images and detailed pictures of the products not only to communicate effectively with the customers but also to suggest the better outcome based on the circumstances of the project sites. We keep checking the specifications of the places, products and we utilize the above visual image aids to show the simulated results to show the customer what would it be like after the job done.

4# Realizations

We follow and respect the rules and restrictions of each different project site. Thanks to over 10 years of the work experience, we can able to manage and care various factors of the sites, from the general to the specifics, which will pave the way for the satisfactory work results.